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Boston: Little, Brown, Adn Company, 1932. Illustrated. Orgiinal Cloth. Sm 4to, 293pp. illustrated profusely. Spine top is cracked, and top and bottom are warn, and has marking on front an back covers. Former owner has written in ink on front cover. But otherwise in fair condition. Item #769

Price: $60.00

HORIZONS. Norman Bel Geddes

Yeats' Ireland

London: Tiger Books International, 1994. Illustrated. Original Cloth. Sm 4to,192pp. Has a pictural dust jacket in great condition. Has as frotnispiece and is a great copy. Item #1288

Price: $20.00

Yeats' Ireland. Benedict Kiely


New York: Harry, N. Abrams, Inc, 1978. Illustrated. First Edition. Orgiinal Cloth. Sm 4to, 252pp. In very good condition, and has dust jacket. That as well is in very good condition. Profusley illustrated. Item #694

Price: $25.00

THE CITY OF NEW YORK. Jerry E. Patterson

Prayers And Poems

New York: Charles Scribner's Son, 1946. Original Cloth. 12mo, 23pp. Has a dust jacket, that is faded a little on spine and few worn spots but otherwise in good condition. Spine and front cover in guilt,. A great copy, in great condition. Item #1355

Price: $20.00

Prayers And Poems. Francis Cardinal Spellman

LIVINGSTONE- Fifty Years After

London: Hutchinson & Co. Illustrated. Orgiinal Cloth. 12mo, 188pp. Foreword by M. A. Wetherell and with a frontisepiece and fifteen other illustrations. Spine top and bottom is warn slighlty otherwise in good condition and has a dust jacket as well top and bototm warn but otherwisei in good condition., Item #796

Price: $100.00

LIVINGSTONE- Fifty Years After. Henry Walton